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Albuquerque Exotic Woods

  • Furniture Finish - 8oz
SKU: 219023674680

Furniture Finish - 8oz


Walrus Oil's Furniture Finish is a penetrating oil-based finish that soaks deep into hardwoods, pulling out natural wood colors and tones, and locking them in permanently. There are no dyes or added dryers, which can cause yellowing in the wood. Our Furniture Finish is completely natural, vegan friendly, and made of heat-tempered Tung Oil, Polymerizing Safflower Oil, and Hemp Seed Oil. Our finish goes through a meticulous brewing process so that when applied it dries faster, bonds to the wood surface stronger, and cures to a beautiful natural looking matte finish. Ideal for hardwood chairs, dressers, picture frames and more. Since all ingredients are completely natural, it's also safe for food-contact surfaces.

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